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Restaurants and cafes

A peculiarity of inspections in cafeterias and restaurants is that you cannot carry out an inspection unless you buy something from the menu offered. Respectively, a certain amount which a mystery diner will spend in that facility is required. Pointing out that the inspector actually has his meal for free a number of customers believe that this can be payment for the inspection.

Of course, paying for work of that employee by a number of meals offered is completely wrong. First of all, this is work on inspection of servicing in the facility, tracking a lot of matters which are subject to specification in the questionnaire afterwards. And a questionnaire at using the ‘mystery diner’ method in cafeterias as well as in other catering facilities may contain a lot of items both with respect to waiters and managers, as well with respect to meals and additional services, etc.

Therefore, our specialists keep on repeating that firstly this is work and, only secondly this is a somewhat pleasant fact that you can combine it with the lunch. Thus, one must evaluate the scope of works as the aggregate of payment to the mystery diner with the bill.

Ordering customers of such research activities and the agencies which pay for work of such experts with patty-cakes and soups act very short-sightedly so far as to such work they should engage the performers who indeed strictly follow instructions in compliance with the legend and get fairly paid therefor so that as a result of the above they can obtain quality findings of studies from adequate and professional mystery diners in cafeterias, various coffee houses, etc.

Calculate cost of on-site evaluations