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The profitability of a company selling residential and office properties is directly dependent on the efficiency of a sales manager. We would help analyze the performance of your specialists, eliciting their strengths and weaknesses.   Based on the results of the check you will get extensive recommendations aimed at the enhancement of company performance.

A specially trained officer will conduct the check pretending to be a potential client. He will note various aspects of service delivery, from the seller’s knowledge of a certain sphere to his ability to get on the right side of the client and to put him up to purchase. The ghost shopper services are employed by the top-management in various spheres, but they are most important in the real estate sector. The reason for that is quite simple: Moscow premises are pricy, the purchase entails major expenses and, consequently, huge responsibility.  A manager should not only present the product – an apartment, house or commercial premises – in the right way, but also assure the client of the safety of transaction and the reliability of the seller.

The criteria for the manager evaluation may be as follows:

- the service rate;

- the knowledge of the field;

- etiquette, affability and benevolence;

- speech (the literacy and clarity);

- fulfilment of company standards;

- cleanness and tidiness of the workplace.

It is a very demanding job which could be entrusted to no one other than professionals.

Calculate cost of on-site evaluations