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Features of the mystery shopper in this area lie in the fact that the contractor must have a driver's license, sufficient experience of driving in order to pass a test drive.

Also, many customers research require that it was representative of the stronger sex, as the vehicle - a complex technical device, and even if the car is purchased for use by a woman, the selection and purchase of a man often carries.

Men tend to show less initiative to find part-time work and, therefore, their involvement as a performer for the study more difficult. Base mystery shoppers mostly are girls. As a consequence, when the requirements of the customer, so it was a man, the price is slightly higher studies.

Also car buyers are more mature people that can not attract the students who do not always against undermining.

The most suitable candidates for use mystery shoppers when acquiring and maintaining the machine are men with a technical education, with the possibility of "the same language" to communicate with the sales managers or service manager.

In marketing research involving secret shopper should allocate a separate category verification of technical service, as the artist must arrive by car specific brand and with specific faults. Therefore, the selection of a candidate requires more effort.

Calculate cost of on-site evaluations